• 19.12.2007 :: Publikum Calendar in AIGA Gallery, New York

    The new 2008 Publikum Calendar entitled "Guides to Living" is articulating the hopes, dreams, and wishes for the upcoming year. The basic idea was to visualize and unite the world of numbers, art and imagination, to express a variety of ideas and the richness of life during a one year period. Vladan Srdic (Studio 360) is Mr. July, and the rest of the 2008 Publikum-crew are: Marian Bantjes, Mina Zabnikar, Chip Kidd, Jianping He, Garth Walker, Big Active, Fabrika TRIO, Mucca Design, Elastic People and Igor Orsolic. The first presentation took place in Belgrade's National Museum of Serbia and the second in AIGA Gallery, New York. Photo: Milos Gazdic