• 15.04.2008 :: Bratislava exhibition
    Mapping the youngest architectonic scene in the region of Central Europe, which took place in 2005 - 2007 within the project Young Blood, led to the object called Young Blood Export, accompanied by discussions and lectures. The space object is actually a compression of 12 installations from Poland. Czech Republic. Slovakia. Hungary, Slovenia, and Austria. Central European identity does not dogmatically act in the project, there is no nostalgic allusion. It is the platform for defining the space we live in, create without blind acceptance of experiments, which have been already applied somewhere, copy and model new forms and approaches without our own comprehension of the course, which we are supposed to set up in the interest of the Central European region architecture. The opening of Young Blood Export exhibition will take place at SAS gallery, Panska 15, Bratislava on Wednesday 23rd April 2008 at 6 p.m. Selected Central European Studios will also discuss the theme Presentation of Architecture atLectures in Premosteni at Slovak National Gallery, Riecna 1, Bratislava on Friday at 5:30 p. m.. Young Blood Export and Lectures in Premosteni are part of Marathon of Czech Architecture in Bratislava.